Costa Rica


Capital city:

National bird:
National flower:

about 3'500'000 inhabitants
51'200 km²
San José
(freedom of religion)
110 V
"Yigüirro" (Turdus grayi)
"Guaria Morada"
(Cattleya skinneri)

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"In a dark cloudless night we were witnesses of a fiery explosion of the volcano Arenal. Thatīs how the earth must have looked like in its beginning." "Deep in the rainforest we were surrounded by the quiet observance of thousands of creatures and we felt in complete harmony with mother nature." Fantasy inspiring pictures, deep emotions: Thatīs how charming magic Costa Rica stimulates the tired souls of todays travelers. Costa Rica is the Mekka for travelers who want to escape the stress and weariness of todays modern world. Costa Rica is the place to find inner peace and to reestablish your connection with nature.

Costa Rica is on the isthmus of central america. It can be crossed within one day from the northern border of Nicaragua down to the southern neigbours Panama. Or within a few hours from the Pacific to the Carribean. But why the hurry? There`s so much to see and to experience!

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The key to this biological richness lies in the many distinct life zones and ecosystems that can be found in Costa Rica: From steaming volcanos to tropical jungles, from lonley beaches to impetuous mountain rivers. In any one spot in Costa Rica, temperatures remain relatively constant year-round. However, they vary dramatically according to altitude. With daytime temperatures in the lowland between 26 - 32° C (climate is dry in the northwest and humid in the other regions) and pleasant 21°C in higher altitudes. Seasons are not marked by the change of temperatures but by the amout of rainfall.


Costa Rica welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world each year, attracted by the peaceful beauty of this country and its natural wealth.

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Costa Rica occupies a central spot in the land bridge that joins North and South America. For millennia, this land bridge served as a migratory thoroughfare and mating ground for species native to the once-separate continents. With only O.O3% of the earthīs landmass, this country is home to 5% of the planetīs biodiversity; and over the last few years it has taken great strides toward protecting it. Now about a quarter of the country are protected areas. The entrance fees to the areas are an important contribution to keep protecting these unique treasures. Over 35ī000 km of streets and a good net of natural roads allow you to get to any living space and geografical region.

Many of the volcanos in Costa Rica are still active, allowing visitors to experience the awe-inspiring sight of steaming fumaroles and intense lava flows during their stay.


At higher altitudes youīll find Costa Ricaīs famed cloud forest. Here the steady flow of moist air meets the mountains and creates a nearly constant mist. The branches of huge trees are draped with epiphytes - resourceful plants that live cooperatively on the branches and trunks of other trees - orchids, ferns and bromelias and innumerable other plants. Be caught by the complete peace of these almost mystic forests.